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With Halloween around the corner, once again you can't settle on a costume - or you're trying to point your girlfriend toward something sexier than going as Barney or a Christmas ham (again!). You've come to the right place<br/><br/>We're going to look at some pointers for coming up with a knock-out costume for Halloween that will get guys drooling. These include hot teacher costumes.<br/><br/>I'd like to say right from the start, that personally, for costume parties, there's nothing more sizzling hot than a sexy librarian costumeteacher costume. Let's just get that said and out of the way<br/><br/>In fact, I'm willing to wager that if you were to travel to the deepest jungles of South America, or the most remote African desert and ask a random dude there what his favorite costume is, he'd bust out his best David Lee Roth rendition and bust out with 'Hot for teacher!'<br/><br/>I may be exaggerating there (but just a little). The fact remains, however, that the sexy teacher look transends oceans and cultural divides. It has truly established itself as one of the favorite fantasies of boys all over the world.<br/><br/>So with that in mind, I figure it might be helpful to compile some suggestions and ideas for creating some stunning, jaw-dropping naughty teacher outfits.<br/><br/>In my opinion, this look entails a skirt or a dress. I'm sure there are pantsuits that may work fine, but to me, they are nowhere near as hot.<br/><br/>With either option, it's best to stick to grey or black (pinstripes work great for each as well), and most of all, tight!<br/><br/>For a top, you can go with almost anything lowcut, with a jacket over it. Alternatively, you could go with a vest of some type, or pretty much any kind of collared top that looks like it would work for a business meeting, but with extra buttons opened up to expose a lacy bra.<br/><br/>If you're looking more for a geek, nerd, dork, or schoolgirl appearance, another option is a white t-shirt or dress-shirt, tied above the navel, and buttoned wrong. Once again, low-cut, or showing some cleavage at least!<br/><br/>For shoes, you want to go with some kind of heels - in my opinion, the higher, the better! Add in some stockings to complete the outfit.<br/><br/>For stockings, I personally really like the knee-high argyle stockings you can find at a lot of places, and they can be worn in place of, or even with, some sheer thigh-high black stockings. You can add some garters and straps, or go without, however you like.<br/><br/>As far as hair and makeup, a messy bun, or leaving your hair down is fine, and some red lipstick really works well. Other than that, use your imagination. You can't really go wrong here, unless you opt for a bald fashion statement type look, especially if you get flames or tribal designs tattooed on the sides of your head, and even then, there's probably some guy out there that will go absolutely nuts over it.<br/><br/>Lastly, we come to figuring out some accessories for our sexy teacher costume.<br/><br/>Here, glasses are absolutely essential. Go with a thick plastic, and you can go either with a bright color, or black, as long as the glasses stand out. I personally think letting them slide down your nose a bit makes for a sexier look, and nibbling on a pencil, or having one behind your ear is a nice touch as well.<br/><br/>Other props could be a ruler, clipboard, or text book, once again, use your imagination. You could also throw in some little flirty statements while tapping a ruler against your hand - 'You should have done your homework, naughty boy, now you're going to be punished.'<br/><br/>There are also other accessories, like pins, or small ties, for example, that can be added, this isn't a hard and fast set of rules, it's just some suggestions, so if you have an idea, go with it!<br/><br/>Some related tips:<br/><br/>These looks all rely upon nerdy glasses - thick, plastic frames. A great suggestion here is to go with sunglass frames, and pop the lenses out. There are, however, lots of other options out there, from very cheap all the way up to prescription quality eyewear.<br/><br/>You can round out the look with a tie (short, skinny, bow, it doesn't matter), or lots of other props and accessories - the possibilities truly are endless!<br/><br/>This article by no means covers all the options available - your only limits there are your own imagination, but hopefully there's enough suggestions here to help you come up with a knock-out librarian, teacher, schoolgirl, geek, or nerd look for the parties this Halloween!