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What Exactly Is The Yanta Mat?

This mat is a new breed of acupressure mat as is the case with all these kinds of mat it has been crafted in Sweden. It ended up being one of the most common Christmas gift ideas 2009. This Mat boasts: 210 spiky circular flowers, each of these flowers contains forty two contact spikes in total this equals 8820 acupressure contact points. All of these spikes are located on the mat in order that similar acupressure is applied at all points. I'd been excited to try the mat out, for the reason that I have been experiencing severe anxiousness and worry, the Yantra Mat says it can help this, combined with improving sleep, maximizing levels of energy and also helping with basic pains and aches.

What Will It Do?

An acupressure mat will let you relax in daily life. The enhanced circulation you aquire means lower blood pressure level and better nutrient delivery. Submitting oneself to acupressure may even induce the release of oxytocin and endorphins , the body's unique pain relief and happiness hormones.

About Acupressure

Using the anchient Chinese art of acupressure. By pressing 12 Meridians around the body it helps to release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood and may aid the body's natural healing process.

It will be perfect for you if you are tense, sleep poorly, are prone to reduced energy, suffering with muscle tension, general aches and pains, back or neck pain. The Yantra Mat is not recommended if you are expecting a baby or breast feeding. Please talk to your doctor if taking medication. You can also make use of the Yantra Mat if you are overweight, actually there's some evidence to show that acupressure improves fat burning capacity.

How To Use One

The Yantra Mat is flexible enough so that you can choose the perfect position to use it. There are some simple positions provided on yantraway.com : are on your back (It's the position that i propose beginning with), stomach, on a chair (you simply put it on a seat and then sit on it), and placing a cheek against it. When you use it lying on your back the acupressure points down your backbone are stimulated resulting in all your muscle groups along your spine relaxing along with the production of happy hormones. When you lie on your front the acupressure spots along your stomach get stimulated relaxing muscles and resulting in improved improved digestiondigestive function. Sit on the mat and the muscles relax in the back of the buttocks. It at the same time increases blood circulation wherever the spikes are applied.

There's absolutely no uncertainty that this mat does work. The benefit on your body from my mat is substantial. Personally i think that my blood circulation has increase quite a lot, I just feel warmer along with increased energy and an appetite to do a lot more! I am glad to report the acupressure mat seems to be doing all it says it can do.

304 people were surveyed, 8% men (24) and 92% women (280).

Just under a third of those surveyed were 46-55 yrs old

9 out of 10 mat users surveyed said that the Yantra mat did meet their expectations

1 in 3 said they use the acupressure mat to reduce anxiety