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Viviscal was introduced in Finland late 1992. And within 3 months it was #1 in the leading twenty-five list of natural health products and still it is the best seller in hair loss supplements.

If you happen to be undergoing thinning hair this is a natural nutritional supplement which is intended to stimulate hair growth while fortifying existing hair and also stimulating new hair growth. It contains an AminoMar C™ Marine Extract which they claim enables important nutrients get through to the roots of your hair.

The Viviscal hair renewal program range of products contains shampoo, a conditioner, a scalp lotion and pills. It is a wholly natural product which has virtually no side effects when tested in scientific studies. It is medically assessed and is manufactured under pharmaceutical control.

We recommend that you avoid Viviscal if you are intolerant or allergic to shellfish or fish as the supplements are formulated out of them. Neither should you make use of the nutritional supplements if you happen to be pregnant or breast feeding without consulting your GP.

Since it was first sold in Britain Viviscal presently has huge number of happy users. Viviscal conducted a recent customer study which has showed that almost all of their customers are enjoying good success with Viviscal- 85% would recommend Viviscal, over half saw a vast improvement after taking viviscal for 2 months, & 75% had seen a noticable difference after taking it for 6 months.

In addition this has a really good impact on the nails and skin and is ideal for all persons, male or female, who suffer from the loss of hair.

Viviscal has been clinically proven to decrease thinning hair and encourage hair re-growth by nourishing the hair roots.

Nourishing from within, it is designed to work work in the blood stream . This will be a lot more powerful in comparison with exterior treatments.

The studies have revealed that The food supplements have an even stronger effect on females. In an attempt to strengthen the health of their hair women have used The Viviscal hair loss programme immediately following challenging times of their life which could cause short-term hair loss for example pregnancy and surgery. The Viviscal programme hydrates as well as revitalizes the hair roots in a manner that basic proteins and vitamins are not able to. No other hair tablet in the world can match it when it comes to halting hair thinning. The active ingredient in these supplements has turned out to be considerably effective when used in treating the less severe form of thinning hair, (alopecia areata). Having said that the programme will also bring about strong results when treating complete hair loss, totalis as well as forms of genetic hair thinning, androgenic alopecia.

From launch the Viviscal food supplements have completed a large number of scientific assessments , in the most recent three quarters of subjects experienced a favourable effect in additionthe typical total number of hair strands had multiplied by an amazing 45% ofter only 26 wks.

It is however the clinically tested aminomar c that has made Viviscal really unique. This AminoMar C eliminates the tissues that typically reduce the flow of nutrients to your hair roots. If you are experiencing premature hair loss, without taking The aminomar c the follicles would probably die out resulting from too little important nutrients, when you take these food supplements the hair roots are revitalised and loss of hair stops.

Together with the aminomar c, the programme also provides crucial nourishment to your scalp & roots of your hair. Acerola extractthis is a very good source of vitamin C and horse tail extract which is an organic source of silica.

90% of women showed a 50% improvement. 85% participants suffering from spot baldness were cured completely with 10% of them also observing partial re growth of hair. In different study 95% of males suffering from male pattern baldness discovered that hair thinning had ceased ofter only eight wks, around 35% of them described full-blown hair regrowth.

If you are going to purchase These viviscal supplements, keep in mind that you will definitely invariably get the cheapest price on the net. A lot of online shops sell Viviscal, to make sure you will get the best price shop around.