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If you're tired of the poor functionality of their shared server but not yet in a position to step up to a costly dedicated hosting server than the most suitable option to suit your needs would be a Virtual Private Server (VPS).<br/><br/>The two main kinds of VPS solutions are managed and unmanaged VPS services. Managed VPS hosting services are similar in many ways to shared hosting. You'll receive trained pros who will take care of any difficulties with your server that could occur.<br/><br/>Managed VPS web hosting servers are the most useful approach to take if you're not very tech savvy or don't have the employees available to handle any technical issues that may arise while using the hosting. You may also go for Managed hosting if you're a business owner who just needs to focus on running their business enterprise rather than be worried about if your server is working so that your customers can reach and use it. You can sleep well during the night knowing that your website is in safe hands.<br/><br/>Most superior Managed VPS hosting providers will make sure you have 24/7 support that should quickly make an effort to take care of any difficulties with your hosting server or maybe you wish to add new email accounts or websites to the server. You'll be able to usually put in a simple request and it will be taken proper care of.<br/><br/>A great business is Tecsys who make available both virtual offices in India among their solutions.<br/><br/>Unmanaged VPS hosting services mean that you are accountable for handling your Windows or Linux server. Unmanaged servers in many cases are used by businesses that often have proprietors who are technically very knowledge and can fix any issues that may appear or they hire staff who can take care of the problems on behalf of the organization.<br/><br/>Despite the fact that unmanaged VPS hosting is frequently less expensive than managed hosting because you are not paying for the technical support nevertheless, you have to be sure you can look after any technical issues that come up or else you might find yourself with no functioning website for hours on end or maybe days which in the end would mean you wind up paying much more in lost business than it would should you have had used a managed VPS hosting account.<br/><br/>If you're ready to take your online business to the next level then you definately must look into stepping up from a shared server to a VPS hosting account that you either are comfortable managing yourself or choose to have a great hosting company manage it to suit your needs.