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If there is one occasion where people don't want to leave anything to chance, it is their wedding. This is the most special day in every person's life and it is important to make sure the whole thing is set up perfectly with no room for compromise. But, the average cost of the reception nowadays varies from $15000 to $25000 that may prove to be very expensive for numerous people. The good news is that it is feasible to have the wedding you have always dreamt of at costs that do not land you in debt. Here are a couple of useful suggestions for those who are wondering how to plan a wedding on a budget without compromising on your needs.<br/> <br/>The wedding dress is perhaps one of the costliest aspects of the wedding ceremony. This dress cannot be worn anytime after this event. Ask yourself if you really want to spend thousands of dollars on a dress which is just going to find a place in your wardrobe once the event is over. You have various other affordable alternatives which you can consider. You could think about buying a second hand costume from any of your friends or family members. Nowadays, you can also find a lot of used wedding costumes available for rent. You can even purchase used wedding gowns from online resources.<br/> <br/>If you are looking for solution to "how to plan a wedding at low costs", the answer would undoubtedly be proper management of your wedding finances. Food for the wedding dinner party is an aspect that requires to be planned carefully. Most young couples spend a significant amount on food, most of which reaches the garbage can the next day. Placing an order with the wedding catering company without considering the actual number of invitees who will be attending the wedding will lead to wastage of food, and also money. Draw up a invitee list and arrive at a rough figure before you place the order.<br/> <br/>Wedding invitation cards are yet another aspect of the wedding ceremony where you could save a significant amount of cash. You could design your wedding invitation right at your home along with your partner and get it printed rather than approaching professional printing companies who charge an astonishing figure for the wedding cards. Think about emailing your wedding invites to family members and friends staying overseas as compared to couriering the cards. This can even help you save dollars that could be put to better use.<br/> <br/>The location is another aspect that you can choose wisely while planning a cheap wedding. Wedding parties need not necessarily held at five star hotels. As an alternative, you could exchange vows in the backyard garden of your house, a community center, a park or a beach in the company of people that matter to you the most.<br/> <br/>You can also keep costs low by purchasing wedding supplies in bulk from wholesale wedding supplies dealer. Decorative objects such as linen, centerpieces and streamers can be bought from these wholesale dealers. You can even buy flowers from wholesalers and save a whole lot of money.