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Most people who want to lose weight are aware of low carb diets. This is why, low carbohydrate diets have attained popularity in the past. Here is an overview of how carb blockers work and how they can fit into a weight loss or maintenance plan. Carb blockers are an incidental discovery of diabetes research. These pills claim to be able to let a person eat carbohydrates minus the fear of an expanding waistline. Most carbohydrate blockers are made from kidney beans plus other minerals like vanadium, chromium and herbs like fenugreek.

Carbohydrates from pasta, rice bread and potatoes have the effect of raising your blood sugar levels. This releases more insulin into the blood to clean up the excess sugar, which is then stored as fat. If you can keep your blood sugar levels consistent you're less likely to put on weight. The side effects that do happen are mostly individual and are often related to bloating, excessive wind and nausea. In their defence, the supplement company's state these types of side effects are a good sign the ingredients are working and taking effect. The carbohydrates that have been prevented from being absorbed tend to be simply passed through the body undigested. Blood sugar levels rise immediately after a meal, and carbohydrates can cause a large spike in blood sugar levels.

Not all carb blockers are created equal, one diet pill known as Decarb claims to reduce carbohydrate absorption by 66%.

Carbohydrate blockers are also known as starch blockers. These blockers comprise of bean and wheat germ extracts. It has been said many times that the best way to get in shape is by exercising or eating less. However, another extremely effective method of losing weight is by using carbohydrate blockers or fat blockers. To understand and agree with this reasoning, you want to understand exactly how these blockers work.

The main role of carb blockers is to maintain carbohydrate levels in the body at a manageable level. This consequently ensures that one does not fall obese or overweight as the body is stimulated to start using the available extra fats. Once you have swallowed these pills, they inhibit alpha-amylase enzyme from getting into contact with starches stored in the body ensuring carbohydrates are not split. These pills furthermore come with supplements from Phaseolus Vulgaris which help to lower down the absorption process of calories from carbohydrates. Once used together with a proper and well balanced diet as well as enough exercise then carb blockers will give you the best results for your weight reduction purposes.