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The XBox 360 is a very popular gaming system, but it has a flaw in its design. This flaw causes a serious malfunction when the unit is allowed to overheat. The motherboard will actually flex or warp when it gets hot enough. This will cause the connections on that motherboard to come loose. When this happens, you will get an error that is indicated by three flashing red lights on the front panel of your XBox 360. This error message is known as the Red Ring of Death, and it signifies that you have a major issue with your gaming console.<br/><br/>Because this problem is caused by overheating of the XBox 360, there are simple ways that you can avoid this issue. Here are five ways that will help you avoid the Red Ring of Death for your XBox 360.<br/><br/><br><ol><br/><br/><li> Make sure that you turn off your XBox 360 when you are not using it. While there are some players that like to leave their game consoles on constantly, this is not something that you can do with this particular gaming system. This system will need to be turned off when it is not in use. This allows the system to cool down periodically.<br/><br/></li><br/><br/><li> Do not stack equipment on your XBox 360 or put your XBox 360 on other electronic equipment. Other electronics will generate heat and this can cause your XBox 360 to get much hotter than it normally would. By having your XBox 360 in a stack with other equipment, you also do not allow proper ventilation for your XBox 360.<br/><br/></li><br/><br/><li> Do not put items on top of your XBox 360. If you stack items on your XBox 360, this will not allow your gaming system to get proper ventilation. A lack of proper ventilation will cause your XBox 360 to overheat.<br/><br/></li><br/><br/><li> Keep your XBox 360 away from direct sunlight. Having direct sunlight through a window pane is even worse, because the glass will help to intensify the heat. When your gaming system is in direct sunlight, it can cause even higher temperatures than when it is simply being used away from direct sunlight.<br/><br/></li><br/><br/><li> Make sure that you place your XBox 360 in an area with proper air circulation. You want to make sure that your XBox 360 has several inches of space around it on all sides. This will allow your XBox 360 to stay cool enough to avoid the Red Ring of Death.</li><br/><br/></ol><br/><br/>By taking the proper precautions, you will be able to avoid the Red Ring of Death for your XBox 360. By following these five guidelines, you will help keep your XBox 360 running smoothly.<br/><br/>If you find that it is too late and you already have three flashing red lights on your gaming console, all is not lost. By ordering the XBox 360 repair guide and following the simple instructions that it contains, you can have your XBox 360 up and running again in a matter of hours.