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Few things can be as devastating tp a woman's self-image and confidence than female hair loss. Hair loss solutions for women can sometimes differ too because majority of men enduring hair-loss are treated with the higher or stronger concentration as their hair loss problem commonly occur when they are still younger. Types, causes, and treatments are all being discussed here.

Finasteride drug is strongly contraindicated in women as this can cause teratogenic effects of a developing fetus. This drug is never intended for women and is just for men's use only in battling pattern baldness. Women are being cautious these days in picking a treatment for their hair loss problem, a treatment that cannot burst out side effects and is 100 percent safe to use. Herbal and natural products are as efficient as treatment with medication. One ingredient to look in a hair-loss product is the saw palmetto extracts. This is clinically proven to inhibit DHT production in the scalp and hence stimulate hair regrowth significantly. It is seen in countless hair loss solutions for women which can fully stop androgenic alopecia and bring back the lost hair all during the same time.

Hormones may play a significant part in women's hair loss. Excess amounts of testosterone may lead to production of the nasty hormone dht. Females who are on oral contraceptives, or who are pregnant can experience all kinds of adverse side effects, hair loss being one of them. Take a glance at your medications and lifestyle. Have blood work done. You really need to know where you stand hormonally, as this may just be the cause of your female baldness.

You can find many types and causes of female baldness. Fortunately, there are also plenty of effective ways to hide and even reverse this condition.

Below is a list of common causes or contributing factors that can lead to chronic telogen effluvium. It's important to understand that if one of the following conditions exists, it does not necessarily imply so it is the single cause of the problem. Correcting all imbalances and improving overall health and well-being is the best line of defense.

Other causes of female pattern hair loss include polycystic ovary syndrome (a female hormonal problem). Certain autoimmune disorders may cause inflammation of the scalp, and the hair comes out in patches or clumps. Women's natural hair growth patterns can also be altered by severe emotional trauma, childbirth, surgery, "crash" dieting, anemia, thyroid conditions, and certain medications.

These 6 treatment options are commonly employed by other female hair loss sufferers:

2% minoxidil solutions have been getting the job done for women for a heck of a long time now. Please do not dismiss this as "yesterday's treatment," as it is still really the only FDA approved topical solution for women. utilized in conjunction along with treatments, minoxidil can work wonders by restoring sufficient blood flow to the scalp... and to your starving hair follicles!