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HomePagePays is the ultimate one-stop social portal for all your online needs! Discover how you can use it to earn Smart Points which can be exchanged for online shopping, winning Competitions, and lucky draws or sweepstakes. HomePagePays is also your best Social Communications Center with Smart Mail, Smart Chat, and various other tools for social connectivity that rivals that of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.<br/><br/>You can invite friends to play games and earn real money from their winnings. Other social media platform or gaming arcades give you only points or bragging rights if you win a game or get the highest score, but HomePagePays rewards you with prize money and your introducer will receive the same matching amount. HomePagePays is not just for fun and games, there's also the growing online Education Library with tonnes of multimedia content being added on a regular basis. The Smart Library gives you a window into many Technological Help and multimedia guides.<br/><br/>The HomePagePays University Library, on the other hand has some 2000 notes and text e-books with syllabus and content for elementary/primary schools students, high/secondary, and all the way up to university levels. IT features a myriad of educational content from Algebra to zoology, as related to the International and European school syllabuses.<br/><br/>HomePagePays has an online library of over 200 short courses in about 30 different categories that is aimed at producing and offering the best in knowledge sharing. Its aim is to provide helpful tips, guidelines, and tutorials for users to use Products and services like Social Media websites (facebook, twitter), Operating Systems (Windows, Ubuntu), Word processors (Open Office, MS Office), AntiVirus and Anti-Malware software (Avast, MalwareBytes), Email and chat clients (Gmail,Skype), Content Management Systems like WordPress, and Graphics Editing Tools like GIMP, MW Snap. At the moment, HomePagePays is currently developing about 300 new courses.<br/><br/>On top of that, HomePagePays hosts some of the best videos, and TopSites links on the internet It also has a software repository for all the software you could possibly need. TopSites include social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, Shopping sites like Amazon and Ebay, and also educational sites like Wikipedia. It also has a multi-search Engine which uses popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn, Bing, etc. Best of all, its 100% free, and with no catch whatsoever. Registration link is available on<br/><br/>The next generation of Home Page Pays products is about to be rolled out later in 2012, and critics are racing that it will be in the forefront of the 3 biggest internet trends, which is shopping, gaming, and social media. Version 2.0 is built with the best Technology and rivals the services and features of other famous sites like Google Plus (G+) and Facebook. Upon launching, SmartMedia Technologies' Homepagepays version 2.0 is set to take on the social media giants and make off with a large chunk of their user base.<br/><br/>The company that is SmartMedia Technologies (SMT) has developed HomePagePays as one of its core products as a free and easy social platform. However, it also has an amazing compensation plan that pays upwards of 80% of the commission. Paid members of SmartMediaTechnologies enjoy points, prizes, and gadget like other free members but in addition to the opportunity for passive and residual income that is significantly greater. On top of that, there is also the Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Million (CPM) that pays members as advertising revenue. The entire HomePage Pays products, services, income, and marketing plan explanation can be found on multi-level marketing