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For most both males and females stretch marks are common and there a variety of reasons why they appear such as fast gain in weight, having a baby or strength training. It has been announced that nearly half of all pregnant women will acquire stretch marks. Teens may also get stretch marks in the event that their bodies begin to grow rapidly during their teenage years.<br/><br/>Stretchmarks take place when the elastin and collagen fibers in the center layer of your skin are drawn apart leaving behind the noticeable scars of the skin.<br/><br/>The perfect time to try and handle stretchmarks is when they are still brand new and depending on your skin type they are going to look red, brown, pink coloured or purple. You simply must focus on both the foods you eat and consume along with an effective skin care program.<br/><br/>Nutrition<br/><br/>It is important that your skin retains it elasticity so it's vital you guide that along by being well hydrated with mineral water, some really good unsaturated fats including olive oil or Borage oil and consuming nutritional vitamins C and E every day can help provide what your body needs to repair itself.<br/><br/>Stretch marks typically take place during the course of quick weight gain so trying to shrink down your excess fat levels should help. Preferably you ought to discover your perfect body fat level by calculating your Body mass index or height to waist ratio which will offer you an accurate measurement of your body fat level.<br/><br/>Skin Care<br/><br/>Along with a great eating plan you should have a powerful natural skin care regimen. You ought to consider treating the stretchmarks like scars due to the fact that's actually what they're. To start with start off exfoliating your skin to get rid of the upper layers of the skin that are dead and that will promote fresh skin cells to grow.<br/><br/>The best way to scrub your skin is perform a gentle exfoliation routine each and every day and then follow this up with some antioxidant lotions which contain vitamins A, E, C to help offer the skin cells defense and nourishment which will encourage them to grow back much healthier. In case you are venturing out in to the sun its also wise to apply a good sun block.<br/><br/>Following your exfoliation and application of anti-oxidant lotion you'll want to nourish your skin with a hydrating cream. Natural Aloe Vera is the best lotion to do this and it is really cheap to get at your neighborhood pharmacy.<br/><br/>If you would like know more on how to get rid of stretch marks then visit this page or view http://howtogetridofstretchmarkseasy.com/