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FANTASY #1<br/> <br/>"You need to employ a credit repair company or lawyer to correct your credit"<br/> <br/>Heading back to the analogy above, you can usually hire someone else to cut your lawn (or even to do anything else) for your. And if correcting your own personal credit appears an overwhelming process, you might choose to retain a credit repair company to accomplish it.<br/> <br/>But it is not really essential that you do. To begin with, credit restoration firms are not cheap. It is possible to expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 or more. Plus, you'll be paying a top charge for anything you could as well do for yourself, which brings us to fantasy #2.<br/> <br/>FANTASY #2<br/> <br/>"It is too difficult or complicated to correct your own personal credit"<br/> <br/>A credit repair company isn't likely to do something for you that you can not do for yourself! Credit restoration is not rocket science. It requires writing letters to credit agencies and to collectors. When you're able to create a letter, put a stamp on it and mail it, you are able to repair your personal credit.<br/> <br/>"Given the appropriate knowledge, it is possible to correct your personal credit"<br/> <br/>That statement HOLDS true! You are completely able to restore your personal credit, given the proper understanding. And given the appropriate knowledge, it is possible to fix your own plumbing, resolve your own car, or for that matter perform brain surgery.<br/> <br/>You do need to know how to go about it, while repairing your own credit is easy and easy. Essentially it requires getting a copy of your credit report and writing letters to the 3 major credit agencies arguing negative information in your document. See credit repair atlanta<br/> <br/>But there's a right way and a wrong way to do it. In reality even a few of the costly credit restoration organizations fail, which brings us to fantasy #3.<br/> <br/>FANTASY #3<br/> <br/>"You boost your credit score by finding all of the negative items on your credit record removed"<br/> <br/>It is possible to get all of the negative things on your credit report eliminated and really help you credit score go DOWN as a result! The reason why? Your credit report is dependent upon numerous components, one of that is the length of your credit history. In some cases, you're better off never TO remove some negative things on your own record, especially if they contain several late payments in the distant past, but show reasonable payments during recent years.<br/> <br/>While the "nuts and bolts" of credit fix is beyond the scope of this survey, there are lots of resources of good data online. If you have bad credit, there are 3 major points you should keep in mind:<br/> <br/>1. If you've a bad credit history, it could (and will probably) cost you many tens of thousands of dollars in higher mortgage interest over time, as you'll be charged much higher prices than you'd be with great credit. If your credit is actually bad, you might not manage to get a mortgage at all!<br/> <br/>2. The problem is not impossible! In nearly every case your credit rating is CAN improved by you. You can easily do the reputable agency yourself or locate a respected company to do the reputable agency for you. In any event, GET IT DONE!<br/> <br/>3. When you choose to repair your personal credit (recommended) there are great books and eBooks available that could go through the procedure. Acquire one and begin NOW!