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Whether you wish to beautify your exteriors with a natural and rustic contact or want your walls to look like an ethnic home, stone veneer attained from coral stone is the high quality choice to make.<br/><br/>Coral stone offers your walls an infinite beauty capturing the depth of the oceans with the thrill of the unknown, making your walls adorned with a mystic contact.<br/><br/>Coral Stone Veneer<br/><br/>Coral stone veneer is an amazingly thin tile of coral stone that can be styleed in any shape and size of your choice. The laying of coral stone veneer tiles too is very effortless and easy. When stone veneer is used for the exterior walls, it can make your properties look like some royal palace of yesteryears.<br/><br/>Stone veneering has multiple applications:<br/><br/>• Stone veneer can be used to deck the garden pavements and pathways to compliment the greenery with its pleasantly light-weight shades.<br/><br/>• Veneer tiles are great for pool decking as they are anti-slippery and easy to maintain. Additionally, they do not get corroded with time. They can be well laid in various styles befitting a classy pool deck.<br/><br/>• Stone veneers are now being used to adorn interior walls of five star hotels and restaurants, to give a traditional and rustic look with a deluxe sensing to the rooms. Many houses are also considering stone veneer for their walls inside, especially in the sitting area and the lounge<br/><br/>Manufacturing Process of Stone Veneer<br/><br/>Stone veneer tiles are prepared with the cut pieces of huge coral stones that are powdered and put together into stunning thin veneer tiles of vibrant hues and different styles. They can be mortared to give your walls a stunning finish that is incomparable in its elegance and class.<br/><br/>Advantages of Stone Veneer<br/><br/>Stone veneer scores in the areas of sturdiness and power, way above the other tiles available. Architects prefer stone veneer to other tiles since they can create exquisite pieces of memorable architecture, to whichever construction they create or layout. The stone veneer tiles are very eye pleasing and have great aesthetic value. They can withstand rough climate modifications and so are ideal for exterior walls. They are cost effective merely because they are long lasting and do not need any alternative. Coral stone veneer is absolutely safe as they possess a natural anti-skidding property that tends to make it the supreme choice for pool decks and pool coping.<br/><br/>Applications of Coral Stone veneer<br/><br/>Coral stone veneer tiles are either quarry saw-cut tiles or split-face styles. Whilst saw-cut quarry tiles are best suited for both exterior walls as well as interior walls, split-face coral stone tiles are now becoming hot property amongst the new properties. This is because they are low on cost and great in appearance. The laying of these tiles is like any other tiles with no further care required.<br/><br/>Best Stone Veneer Tiles<br/><br/>You can now choose from some of the best coral stone veneer offered in the market to adorn your properties, gardens or villas. These stone veneer tiles come in all forms such as landscape tiles, boulder tiles, and rock stone veneer tiles. Choose from the treasure chest of stone veneer tiles and give your properties a much needed additional advantage in terms of beauty and splendor.