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Viviscal was first introduced to the market in 1992. Only ninety days later the hair loss treatment program topped the leading twenty-five natural health products list & still continues to lead as the top seller for thinning hair. If you are experiencing hair thinning Viviscal is a purely natural nutritional supplement which is designed to stimulate hair renewal, improving existing hair and also encouraging new hair growth. Viviscal functions by making use of an active ingredient (AminoMar C), this will make it much easier for your body to deliver important nutrients to your hair roots.

Many individuals which have been apart of the Viviscal clinical trails had not had any positive result with other treatment products. Even so their success rate with Viviscal was actually remarkably high. Especially if these participants were in their initial phases of losing their hair.

Since its launch in The Uk Viviscal now has large number of happy purchasers. A Recent study of Viviscal customers has showed that almost all of their customers are getting outstanding results with the supplements: 8 in 10 of them will endorse using Viviscal, 58% experienced a noticeable difference after eight weeks, & three quarters had seen a vast improvement after taking it for six months. You should avoid Viviscal if you are allergic to fish or shellfish as the nutritional supplements contain them. Neither is it recommended that you make use of the food supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting your GP.

The tablets work thru the bloodstream so is is able to feed your follicle from inside.

Additionally Viviscal is known for a positive effect on your skin, it is created for males or women that suffer from thinning hair. The supplements have been clinically proven to minimize hair loss & regenerate hair re-growth by nourishing the resting roots of your hair.

The main element in Viviscal hydrates as well as rejuvenates your scalp in a manner that regular vitamins, minerals and health proteins are unable to achieve. Nothing else can beat Viviscal in effectiveness.

The programme is ideal when used in curing the less severe variant of thinning hair, alopecia areata. However it can certainly accomplish positive results even when addressing complete baldness, (alopecia totalis) and types of genetic hair loss.

The idea that it are able to minimize hair loss has been analyzed many times ever since it was first designed . In the most up-to-date 77% of the individuals described positive effects &the average hair growth density was found to have gone up by an incredible 50% after using the supplements for a few months.

90% of women showed a 50% improvement. 85% participants suffering from spot baldness were cured completely with 10% of them also observing partial re growth of hair. A different test reported that 4 in 10 of men who had been suffering with excessive hair loss reported full re-growth of their hair with 100% of them revealing that their hair thinning had slowed considerably.

But it is the medically tested marine extract which has made Viviscal really special. This marine extract reduces the tissues which often reduce the flow of essential vitamins to your hair root. If you are afflicted with thinning hair, without these supplements the follicles of hair would probably die due to a lack of nutrients, when Viviscal is used your hairs do not die and so any loss of hair ends. Viviscal also supplies essential vitamins for the nourishment of the scalp aswell as the important aminomar c. Acerola cherry extractfor the vitamin C and silica compound - an organic type of silica.

What's Viviscal made of?

AminoMar C marine extract (300mg) : clinically proven to stop hair thinning

Cherry Extract rich in vitamin C.

Silica Compound : hair enhancing mineral, an organic form of silica.

Magnesium Stearate and Microcrystalline Cellulose.