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Nowadays, it is common to see a combination of a true Balinese home experience with the convenience of a five-star hotel. Undoubtedly it has become trendy and increased in its appeal to tourists who are looking for something both exceptional and particular. Bali Hotels present any tourist with a true Bali experience without sacrificing the convenience found in a hotel setting.

As the saying goes, "A home away from home" is exactly what sizable resort hotels and boutique hotels offer. A lot of these establishments have less than 100 rooms yet they continue to provide a taste of luxury in an intimate and small setting. Bali offers your own private space but in a place that is located miles and miles away from your home.

All amenities are often provided in these hotels to make anyone comfortable. Every service has a special personalized touch. The convenience of city living coupled with refreshingly styled bathrooms adds a different flavor and make you savor your stay.

There is a growing trend to recreate the feel of a health spa which includes the feel of an exclusive luxury villa living. Some hotels are already including this concept in their design. They also try to achieve a secluded environment which offers peaceful outdoor life.

Bali is one place where any visitor can completely be lost in its beauty. In some parts of the island there maybe a lack of spaces available. But to those who are willing to experience a life of luxury while on vacation there is always a way to find it and it will be made available to you.

The exotic beaches rich in color in all tones of blue can soothe the souls of those who are stressed or broken. Its natural beauty is just a detail to the overall island experience. The best way to enjoy the experience is by booking your own resort or for seasoned visitors it maybe more desirable to check the luxury villas.

Culinary thrills await anyone who is adventurous. Aside from the traditional island cuisine, cook at villas and hotels are all well-trained in global cookery. Nothing can be more educational than trying to learn the cuisine of the island.

Things one should not miss include the Balinese spa which alongside with home grown treatments are distinctly Balinese. Landscapes and waterfalls are some of the sought after tourist spots. The allure of rich green vegetation creates a peaceful scenery. There are lots of clove trees and coffee trees all over the island as well.

The island is never scarce of lovely places and it's indeed filled with the most beautiful things in it. It is simply one of those places that grows on you and love it the minute you step into the island. A place to visit and revisited by anyone in need of a much deserved vacation and the Bali Hotels around the island make the whole experience worth remembering for a long long time. It is certainly an island like heaven that is made to gratify and pacify the spirit.