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The bad piggies have finally found a map to the eggs, but now it's in pieces all over Piggy Island! But that won't stop the King Pig, who orders his loyal minions to recover the map wherever it is, even from the top of a mountain or the bottom of a cave!<br/><br/>== best games ==<br/><br/>The game offers a grid space in which the players can build their custom vehicles using drag-and-drop mechanism and on completion, they just have to tap in the checkbox and start off with their primary set of missions and levels. Similar to Angry Birds and Amazing Alex titles, the game has several collectable items such as stars and eggs. The players can replay a particular level as many times as they want and try getting the maximum number of stars on a level, which is 3. Obtaining a star on a level makes the players eligible to qualify for the next level, but the total of 90 stars throughout the game will leave the players opting for more as play through.<br/><br/>== Bad Piggies chrome ==<br/><br/>The game is actually a lot more like Rovio's recently acquired physics-based puzzler Amazing Alex than Angry Birds. Amazing Alex challenges players to manipulate various items such as slingshots, ropes, balloons, and punching gloves to collect the three stars each level.<br/><br/>Unfortunately for them, they've got no feet to walk around collecting parts of the now-shredded plan, so they try to build up various contraptions to get them around, and collect the scraps. While the story sounds a little complicated in comparison to Angry Birds, the game play is simple: You build the contraption for the Pig, and try to get them from the start of the level to the finish where the piece of the plan is lying.<br/><br/>Rovio missed the mark when it launched 'Amazing Alex' in July, largely because that game lacked the ease of play that made 'Angry Birds' such a hit. The company has parlayed the success with 'Birds' into a multi-merchandizing extravaganza, with 30 percent of it's revenue now coming from toys, animation, candy, books and others. VP of franchise development Ville Heijari admitted, 'It feels like when we're launching anything, some shadow of Angry Birds will be hanging over it'.<br/><br/>== Bad Piggies rio ==<br/><br/>Ofcourse even with regular updates, folks thought the game was slowly getting a bit stale, which is when Rovio released their Angry Birds Seasons game, followed by Angry Birds Rio, and then after a while, Angry Birds Space which many considered the first actual sequel since it tweaked the classic formula a bit. Rovio then branched out a little bit and re-released a game called Casey's Contraptions as Amazing Alex which was fun but not quite as addictive as their most famous game to date.<br/><br/>For e-mail updates whenever a new article is posted, please subscribe at the top of the page and follow me on Twitter: @CapnDanny, GoogleBuzz, or join my group on Facebook: Angry Birds Walkthroughs and News.