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It requires a lot of time and money to make a pond and it is natural that after this type of a major investment you would wish it to last for many years. Clearly you would want a liner that can extend the life of you pond. The pond liner's guarantee by the manufacturer may sway you to pick that choice. However, you must know that this guarantee doesn't cover little holes that are caused by any form of foreign object. These foreign objects include cats, dogs, falling branches, stones, ice chips, and kids. And it is not a hassle-free task to locate a leak in a pond liner. When you drain the pond, take out the liner, you will need a high-quality microscope to spot the little pinpoint that is the leak. If you had used pond shield epoxy, you would have avoided this problem.

Another negative aspect of the manufactured liners is if you add a waterfall to your pond turning it into a wonderful garden water feature, the stones that are put on the liner to protect it for the waterfall may be boulder-like but hard rains and inclement weather can cause the stones to move. Anybody walking around the water feature is subject to slip and fall leading to injury, even severe injury, to their person. You as a pond owner are responsible for this. If you had used instead a permanent cement or stone foundation for your water fall and covered it with pond shield epoxy, shifting stones and huge rocks would be a non-issue.

And there are more advantages...

If you are using a manufactured pond liner and your contractor tells you that you can have a drain at the base of your pond, then you need to be cautious. To install this drain in the liner, the contractor will have to cut the liner at the base. This cut will become a water leak at some point. It doesn't matter how much leak-proof the contractor makes this cut, it will start leaking sooner or later. If you plan to use the manufactured liner, put that in your original plans so you can work around its inherent problems.

Having said that, pond shield epoxy saves you from the trouble of planning, falling rocks and leaking liner. You can be as creative as you wish with the size, shape, artistic designs, water fountains and waterfalls. You can design your own custom pond to your heart's content instead of living within the limitations of the manufactured pond liner.

You can hire a contractor to make your pond or you can make the pond yourself, in either case, making a pond is an expensive and time intensive undertaking. You can start planning your pond today with pond shield epoxy, which will ensure that your pond lasts for years.