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The constitutional monarch of sixteen sovereign states Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926. She actually is also the head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations. The Supreme Governor of the Church of England she furthermore carries the title of Defender of the Faith. Queen Elizabeth became the Head of the Commonwealth after her accession on 6th February 1952. She is the queen regnant of seven countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Ceylon, Canada, New Zealand and Pakistan. In addition to these nations, Elizabeth II also is the Queen of Barbados, Grenada, the Solomon Islands, Saint Lucia, Belize, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Papua New Guinea, Tuvalu, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua and Barbuda. She has reigned for sixty years that is regarded as the second largest for a British monarch.

Queen’s Official birthday is a day when the birthday of the monarch of the Commonwealth realms is observed officially. The date of the birthday varies because it also depends upon the Commonwealth countries. However, it mostly falls between May end and start of June. This period of the season is considered perfect for outdoor ceremonies in the Northern Hemisphere. The official birthday of the Queen does not fall on her real birthday which is on 21st April. In a number of of the countries it is regarded as a public holiday. A Birthday Honours List is also released by the majority of the Commonwealth realms during this time.

Since 1748 the United Kingdom has observed the state birthday of the Queeen. It is mostly celebrated on the first, second or third Saturday of the month of June. A special ceremony called Trooping the Colour is carried out at the time in London. This ceremony is usually referred to as Queen’s Birthday Parade. The list of the Birthday Honours is also announced on this very day.

The second Monday in June is considered to be the Queen’s official birthday in Australia. It is observed on the first weekend of winter snow-sports season in Australia and it's also also a public holiday. However, the Queen’s birthday is celebrated on a separate date in Western Australia and Queensland. The “Queen’s Birthday honours list” is also released on the same day. There was a time when public fireworks were displayed in Australia in the Queen’s Birthday weekend. However, today the New Year’s Eve fireworks have grown to be popular.

The first Monday in June is observed as the Queen’s Birthday in New Zealand. The celebrations performed on this day are generally official and includes military ceremonies and Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

Queen’s official birthday is a public holiday in Gibraltar. The Falkland Islands is certainly one such place that celebrates the Queen’s birthday on its actual date that is 21st April. The third Monday in April is regarded as the Queen’s official birthday in Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha. This is a public holiday there. The second Monday of June is regarded as the Queen’s official birthday in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.