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If you happen to be female and have been through puberty there is a good chance that you already have experience with cellulite because it affects 90 percentage of all women at some point. There are many contributing factors that can be behind the formation of cellulite build up on your body. These factors can be grouped into two different sorts of categories. These are the factors which you can not change versus the many other issues which are under your control.

One of the categories of factors which can be the cause of cellulite are those ones that you can not modify, such as your race, gender, genetics and heredity. If in case you have a cellulite problem then you are probably a woman because the only men that usually have to worry about cellulite skin problem are those who have a health condition which leaves them deficient in androgen, a male hormone. Females of certain racial backgrounds can be susceptible to cellulite skin condition. Genetic predisposition is a very important factor which determines whether or not you will have a cellulite problem and even how serious the problem is going to be.

The second group of factors that can be the reason for cellulite is bigger and comprises of those things which can be altered or modified in order to help prevent or remove cellulite from your body. Lack of fluids can be a reason for cellulite in two ways. A dehydrated body will make an effort to retain water and cellulite is a mixture of fluids, fats and toxic impurities that have accumulated underneath the skin. The 2nd reason a lot of water is essential to handle a cellulite problem is the necessity to flush out and eliminate the wastes under the skin. Drinking lots of water every day might help control cellulite.

Poor dietary habits can also be the reason for cellulite forming over the body. For your body to have enough of the antioxidants and essential fatty acids that it needs to be able to combat toxins and free radical molecules, a well-balanced and healthy diet is needed. Food stuffs such as fresh vegetables, products made from whole grains and oily fish can help to provide these necessary nutrients. A multi-vitamin and mineral dietary supplement is also an excellent idea.

A lifestyle that is sedentary can also be a cause of cellulite as it leads to poor muscle tone and decreases circulation and blood flow and that can trigger cellulite forming. Regular exercise will help eliminate cellulite. The cardiovascular and circulatory systems are affected by smoking. It decreases the flow of blood that helps keep skin healthy and can contribute to damaging the skin and also the muscle fibers which support it from underneath.

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Some types of tablets like contraception pills can encourage the accumulation of cellulite in your body by raising estrogen hormone levels. Some scientific experiments conducted recently have revealed that a high stress lifestyle will cause the levels of catecholamines in your body to rise and that is connected to the development of cellulite.

It is a undeniable fact that cellulite will affect the vast majority of ladies, regardless of their weight, but it is a problem that can be brought under control by altering those causes of cellulite that can be modified.