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Obesity levels are continuing to increase and there doesn’t seem to be any sufficient evidence this is going to change. As parents, it is vital we act now to stop this trend and ensure our children do not take the same path. To achieve this, parents must take responsibility and provide education their children as it is clear the initiatives of our government are failing us.<br/><br/>Eating healthily is essential for everyone but especially for our children. When children start to grow up and become more independent it is more difficult to educate them on the value of healthy eating as they make their own choices and create their own habits. As a result it is highly important that you begin educating your children from a very young age on the importance of eating healthily. By teaching your children about healthy eating, you can ensure they will be on a healthy pathway to adulthood and prevent them from putting on weight over the years and becoming obese. I have gained extensive experience of nutritional theory working in personal training and below you will find some of my best tips on teaching your children about these healthy eating habits.<br/><br/>When teaching your children I believe it is more beneficial to provide them with different choices rather than force healthy eating upon them. With that said, it is fundamental you provide an ideal environment for them to make the best choices by ensuring your house is stocked with a large variety of healthy foods and snacks. I also think it is of great benefit to eat as a family as this gives rise to the ideal situation to teach healthy eating habits to your child and talk about these principles as you eat. After a period of time the child should start to understand how to choose healthy food options instead of food.<br/><br/><img alt="healthy eating for children resources" border="1" src="http://www.raisehealthyeaters.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/dreamstime_xs_3812096.jpg" align="centre"><br/><br/>Get your children participating in preparing meals and in grocery shopping as this is another great way to improve their knowledge and understanding of eating healthily. This gives you children a chance to learn more about food choices by being in that environment and differentiate between healthy food and junk food and you might even consider creating incentives or rewards for them correctly choosing the healthier foods – this will make it more enjoyable for them.<br/><br/>Although these simple strategies are straight forward, the parents must be educated on making healthy food choices and understand the principles of healthy eating themselves if these strategies are to be effective. Regretably many parents browsing through this blog post will not have this required knowledge and should improve their own understanding firstly before attempting to teach their children. If you feel your knowledge is inadequate to effectively teach your children you must first improve upon this. Improving your level of knowledge is not difficult in the ‘information haven’ world we live in – and simply by browsing through books or booking an appointment with a nutritionist should really help.<br/><br/>As a final note you must keep in mind that despite the fact we are teaching our children about eating healthily, they are still children after all. Even though we will largely be discouraging eating junk food we should still permit the occasional ‘treat’ such as their favourite snack or treat. The odd high calorie snack won’t harm your child whatsoever and will in fact provide a lesson about rewarding themselves with foods they enjoy.