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I used to laugh with my mother that she'd watch everything that moved on TV until it was on PBS. But that is the best community. My first real addiction came all through "Upstairs, Downstairs." The five-season collection was the most popular Masterpiece Theater program ever, and it had lots of competition. The host in those days was Alistair Cooke. Sesame Street (one of the academic children's shows, if you have anyone left who not know that) had a part in which Cookie Monster performed "Alistair Cookie," hosting a show named "Upstairs, Downstairs." The show consisted of Grover going up the stairs, then down the stairs.<br/> <br/>There were a lot more to follow that delivered quality development each Sunday night. "Jeeves and Wooster" (an extremely young and different Hugh Laurie), "Last of the Mohegan's," "Anna Karenina," so many Shakespearian dramas and comedies, many stories from Dickens, traditional dramas, and my absolute favored, "Prime Suspects."<br/> <br/>Sue Mirren is definitely exceptional in another Masterpieces like "Painted Lady" and "Elizabeth I," but her depiction of Jane Tennison surprised me. Now the entire Jane Austin is keeping me updated. See time warner san antonio<br/> <br/>Then you will find the fantastic technology and nature programs. Nature, Nova, Scientific American Frontiers, Wired Science, plus several special applications about health entertain in addition to instruct. Alan Alda brings humor and a readiness to participate on Scientific American Frontiers. Nature is indeed packed with beauty and data that I discover something new every occurrence.<br/> <br/>Not just will there be Sesame Street for the young and young in your mind, but my personal favorite, Reading Rainbow. On an occasionally worldwide exploration of subjects linked to the book It introduces a book, and then takes the audience. I used this in my class from fifth grade to kindergarten when I taught. That's only some of the extraordinary children's shows.<br/> <br/>Ken Burns up presented several in-depth records of baseball, wars, punk, the West, biographies, and more. The History Detectives, American Experience, and other deals provide distinctive views of history.<br/> <br/>Britcoms on PBS have been some of my favorite shows to look at. The Vicar of Dibley with Dawn French was hilarious in addition to pressing. It was comedy with an underlying cause. Judi Dench as Jean and Geoffrey Palmer as Lionel in As Time Goes By were a perfect fit. That fall they are returning with the rest of the cast for just two more specials. It is actually something I will look forward to viewing. Among the popular shows are Looking forward to God, Keeping Up Appearances, Chef, and Faulty Towers.<br/> <br/>Yet another wonderful show from the BBC is All Creatures Great and Small. After reading all the reports by James Herriot, I was doubtful this collection can live around the books. It was so well done that it did, and I am experiencing the reruns now. It is a delight to dog lovers, but interesting reports for anybody.<br/> <br/>There are how-to plans for just about what you need to discover how to do. The French Chef with Julia Child started The French Chef all with me. She continued with grasp cooks presenting a variety of cuisines. There are numerous implies that stimulate preparing many new dishes. And This Old House drives us to transform and tell us how.<br/> <br/>Information is documented in lots of different ways. The Jim Lehrer New Hour often provides a balanced reporting on important issues. I just wish it were not on at the same time as the regional and national new on my cable network. Bill Moyers, Charlie Rose, and others look carefully at essential issues.<br/> <br/>Music, from opera to stone, is really a element of PBS. Good Performances frequently lets us see musical programs which can be fantastic. Boston Pops features a summer program which includes backstage interviews in addition to the weekly events. Andre Reiu and his Johann Straus Orchestra have wear some spectacular events. There's a changing and fascinating parade of artists.<br/> <br/>I am thankful to PBS for introducing me to so many experiences that would have passed me by. It is difficult to pick one, but when I had to, the gorilla would be Koko the gorilla who speaks with sign language. If you don't know about Koko, you must view PBS.