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It is not necessary that you are involved in yoga to use this Mat. Just lie down, and the mat will handle the rest. The Yantra Mat consists of 8,820 raised points that are calibrated to deliver similar acupressure at all points. All of these acupressure points provides maximum connection to all for the acupoints which run along the meridian lines of your body. On the spikeless side of the mat the makers have printed an Indian meditation token, the Yantra. This word originates from the Sanskrit term yan, that means form, and 'tra', which means 'free'.

Using an acupressure mat will let you relax in your life. When you use it in 5 minutes, you'll experience warmth around the areas of your body touching the spikes, that's an increase in the flow of blood, a typical response to using an acupressure mat. It can be so pleasurable that it's quite normal to fall asleep when using it

Acupressure is an ancient healing art with Chinese, Thai and Indian foundations. Instead of needles, acupressure stimulates the body by using finger pressure.

It could be perfect for you if you are anxious, you sleep poorly, are lacking in energy, experiencing muscle tension, headache, stiffness, back and / or neck pain. If you are on prescribed medication remember to talk to your general practitioner prior to using the mat. Accupressure mats are not appropriate for women who are nursing a baby or currently pregnant. Children eight and older can use a Yantra Mat, but only with an adult present.

The mat can be used in just about any imaginable position Some standard positions demonstrated on yantraway : are on your back (This is the position that i propose you use to start with), belly, on a chair (you simply have it on a seat and then sit down on it), and if you're feeling particularly brave placing a cheek against it. When you use it lying on your back the acupressure spots along the backbone are triggered resulting in muscle groups along your spine relaxing along with the release of happy hormones. If you lie on your front all of the acupressure points down your tummy get triggered relaxing your muscles and resulting in improved improved digestiondigestive function. Being seated on the mat: the muscles relax in lumbar region buttocks. Also increases blood flow in this area.

My Critique

There are no worries that thisacupressure mat really works. The acupressure effect from the spikes on the mat can be significant. In the beginning I felt a certain amount of discomfort, but a few minutes a warm sensation spread through my entire body. In today's world people need to take more time to relax and an acupressure mat enables you to relax yet still having a number of positive effects on your entire body.

What Do Yantra Mat Consumers Say About It?

A feedback survey conducted on over three hundred owners of the mat revealed:

78% make use of their mat 2 times or more weekly, of them just over 50% use the acupressure mat over 4 times a week

19 in 20 mat users find that it gives them positive effects

all of the owners questioned stated that they'd carry on using the mat!