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You do not need to be involved in yoga in order to use this Mat. Just lay down, the mat will do the rest. When you unroll the Yantra Mat, the surface consists of lots of spiky flowers, these operate in a similar way to the old-fashioned bed of nails. Press these contact points and you can expect the therapeutic benefits to begin. On the other side of the mat the makers have imprinted an Indian token, the Yantra. The word Yantra originates from the Sanskrit term yan, this means form, and 'tra', which means 'free'.

An acupressure mat will help you de-stress in daily life. The increased blood flow you get from making use of the Yantra Mat will mean reduced hypertension as well as improved nutrient supply. Using it can be so restful it's not uncommon to actually drift off when using it

The Yantra Mat works on the principle of acupressure. By pressing 12 Meridians around the body it helps to release muscular tension, promote circulation of blood and may aid the body's natural healing process.

This acupressure mat is perfect for just about anyone who wishes to feel more relaxed and also increase their well-being. If you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding it is not recommended that you use acupressure mats You are able to also make use of the Yantra Mat if you're obese, actually there is some research that acupressure boosts metabolic rate.

Yantra Mat Directions

The mat is flexible enough for you to select the ideal position in which to use it. The way you use the mat is up to you, it is possible to lie on it, often lying on your back or front, another common position is by putting the mat on a seat or sofa, you can place it on a wall and lean on it regulating how much weight you apply. For best results you need to have the mat on uncovered skin however in the beginning until you're accustomed to the spikes it is a good idea to wear a t-shirt.

I have to admit after using the mat for a while now I'm really pleased with the results from the use of the mat and I generally don't get impressed very easily nor do I succumb to placebo effect. I feel that my circulation has increase a great deal, I just feel much warmer with warm feet and hands along with increased energy and also an urge accomplish a lot more! In the modern world people really need to take more time to relax and The Yantra Mat is great for relaxing whilst having a lot of favourable effects on your constitution.

A Survey

A questionnaire conducted on over 300 Yantra Mat customers resulted in:

3 in 10 of those questioned were aged 46-55

19 in 20 mat users find that the mat provides positive effects

All but oneof the those surveyed said that they will continue to use the mat.