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When it stumbled on Internet access back in the Stone Age, you did not have much choice. Yes, you can select your provider. But every one of them basically presented a similar thing - molasses-in-January slow connection speeds. If you had a 56k modem, you thought you were FLYING!<br/> <br/>Well, things have changed slightly, have not they? Today, who you choose for your Internet service directly affects the rate and quality you're likely to get. Do not get me wrong - whatever broadband high-speed service you choose is going to be light years ahead of any dial-up connection you may have.<br/> <br/>But over at my DigitalTVDojo weblog, one of the things I like to do from time to time is to do "speed runs" on the different services available (It is a nerd thing.) because there ARE differences - even if they are tiny. (There is a link to my blog down at the end with this story. Check it out since I also fill you in on a little secret that may save you countless dollars when you buy either company, so it's certainly worth your time and effort - until you make like a thousand dollars an hour or something.)<br/> <br/>I did one of these simple rate checks on Road Runner High Speed Online and Comcast Cable Internet from Time Warner just to check the statements the two firms were making about how rapidly their items really are the other day. Here's what I found... See time warner austin<br/> <br/>It was easy to verify what Comcast was saying, because I have the service myself. I went around to Bandwidthplace.com to see if they were packed with it, and I am happy to say that they're not. In fact, according to Bandwidthplace, my connection is smoking at 7.6 Mbps, which is even faster than Comcast legally says it is (cool!). What does this mean in real life? I could download a normal music that's around four minutes in under one second. Quite special.<br/> <br/>Time Warner takes a different approach. While stats are thrown by Comcast out at you, Time Warner really shows you how fast their service is. (I have pictures with this up at my website - do not forget the link is below. And don't forget you will find out how to save a couple of hundred dollars there, too.)<br/> <br/>Here's how Street Athlete Top Speed Online shakes out. It is bit slower than Comcast at a stated 5 Mbps. In real life, what big difference does that make? You are still going to be getting big records in seconds. And against a normal dial-up connection, the contrast is utterly stupid! seconds will be taken around 21 by A typical webpage with graphics on a dial-up connection, although it requires less than a second with Time Warner. And with films, for instance, it is even crazier - a standard online video will require seven minutes to obtain with a 56k modem, and only seven SECONDS with Time Warner. That basically put it in perspective for me personally.<br/> <br/>So there you've it - DigitalTVDojo's review and speed-test evaluation of Road Runner High Speed Online and Comcast Cable Internet. I hope it will help you make a decision.